The Private Legal Practice of VICTOR HABASESCU was established in 2003, being registered in the Bucharest Bar, part of the National Union of Romanian Bars.

We provide a wide array of legal services: we advise our clients on legal matters, draw up agreements, provide assistance and representation before authorities, legal entities and natural persona, both in legal trials and for the settlement of other administrative and/or legal pursuits.

We pay special attention to all possibilities, resources, ideas, objectives and hopes that our clients harbor, allowing them the understanding and identification of the best solutions for the settlement of the issues they come across.

The premise in finding the optimal solution is the correct identification of the matter at hand; it is similar to traveling on an unknown road when, in order to reach our destination, we have to correctly identify our position on the map. Together we will clarify all the facets of the issue, so that we can be your trusted guide on the sinewy paths of the law.

Our client is our first priority, so they are the beneficiary of our entire legal expertise: a fast, adequate and competent legal assistance.


The Private Legal Practice of VICTOR HABASESCU aims to provide legal advisory, assistance and representation services, at the highest professional standards.

From the beginning, the Private Legal Practice of VICTOR HABASESCU based its activity on four guiding principles:


The success of our clients depends greatly on the quality of their legal assistance, which represents a decisive advantage.

We help our clients bypass the difficulties caused by the law, so that they are informed, aware and competitive in their relationship with state authorities, other companies and, not lastly, their partners.


Our law firm provides the following services:

— Representation and assistance before courts of law, in any degree, in litigations of business and civil law, family affairs, labor litigations, including forced execution of court resolutions and other enforceable titles;

– Drawing up of agreements and legal assistance upon the conclusion and execution thereof;

– Legal assistance in the field of corporate law;

– Establishment of companies and firms regardless of the legal form, assignment of shares, appointment or reversal of an administrator in a company, increase and decrease of share capital, establishment of work points, change of registered offices, expansion of secondary activities, change of legal form, receipt of confirmation of company details, dissolution, liquidation, deregistration etc.

– Debt collection;

– Establishment of address for service at our firm;

– Establishment of associations and foundations;

– Legal assistance for immigration, work permits, family reunification, visas, residence permits of any kind;

– Legal advice for real estate transactions, including due diligence for purchasing real estate;

– Representation of consumers in litigations with banks regarding abusive provisions;

– Professional legal assistance for obtaining the Romanian citizenship, for the first time or again.




Bachelor of Laws, subsequent to undergraduate studies at the University of Bucharest, class of 1997; Master of Laws, subsequent to postgraduate studies at the University of Bucharest, class of 2010;

Victor Habasescu has vast experience in business advisory services, has been a barrister since 2001, and has relevant experience in criminal business law.

Victor is fluent in English and Russian.


Bogdan TINU
Associate lawyer

Bogdan became lawyer of Bucharest Bar Association in 2005, and join to our team in September 2015.

Bachelor of Laws at Spriu Haret University, class of 2002.

Bogdan speaks English.


Dumitru TOCARU
Junior Lawyer

Tocaru Dumitru has vast experience in corporate law under all its aspects, starting with the establishment of companies all the way to the voluntary liquidation thereof. He has also a large experience regarding debt collection issues from legal entities, both in pre-litigation procedure under mutual agreement and in court proceedings; has experience in the registration and protection of trademarks; has experience regarding immigration issues and Romanian citizenship.

Dumitru is fluent in English and Russian.

Ubi Ius, Ibi Remedium!



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